“When anything happens to you, your pastor sleeps well but your parents don’t.

“We have been so unfair”

You pay tithes in several thousands and give your parents pittance every month and you are wondering why things are still tight for you?

You have sown cars as seed, alter seeds, birthday seeds, vows, tithes, building projects, yet you have not bought or built one for the people who slaved to send you to school, you don’t need Google to tell you what your end will be.

For those who still think your pastor’s blessings are superior to your parents’ blessings, your suffering is doing push-ups. Abraham blessed Isaac, Isaac blessed Jacob and Jacob blessed his sons. You give your Pastor your first fruit and leave your parents that struggled to pay your fees and you wonder why you lost your job? You buy gifts and sow birthday seed for your Pastor and you dont know your parents birthday or even call when you know. Wise up!

Pastor has his own children to pray for and am sure no pastor mentions your name in prayers everyday like your parents do for you daily…

Every correct pastor should consciously organize parents’ appreciation day and look out for how the parents of those folks dropping fat donations are faring.. please share to all groups including pastors and churches.