The Executive Governor of Imo state, Rochas Owelle Okorocha is unarguably a man of impeccable governance acumen who has brought the dividends of democracy to the people of Imo state (Imolites).

The disdain expressed by haters and political wailers for Governor Rochas doesn’t stem from the generality of the Imolites, rather born from his strong will and resolute stance on issues of development and rigidity not to bow to federal might and party intimidation. This explains in vivid terms the rationale behind his continuous stereotype by a few unpopular elements. His uncompromising take on issues of development, epitomises him as a charismatic leader worthy of emulation by other governors.

The Rochas Okorocha’s led administration that came to limelight in 2011, has recorded giant developmental stride that in no doubt defines his administration as a “My people, my people” oriented government and a confirmation of his led rescue mission that has got Imo state working again in all facet of development.

Taking a perusal of the glory of his administration, majority of haters who suffer obvious political glaucoma have failed to judge him from the spectrum of an individual based politician, rather on hatred over party affiliation.

A presentation of his governance scorecard is considered exigent in accounting for his excellent stewardship to the well meaning people of Imo state. This x-ray of his achievements will get people abreast with the personality of this amiable governor and declare a game over for political witch hunters who have brainwashed ignorant fellows to work against the governor.

The parameters for measuring governance efficiency at International standard is infrastructural and Human capacity building. The assessment of governance achievement of Gov. Rochas in this dimension will help settle all gorgeous arguments surrounding.

Under the watch of his administration, there has been a registered presence of bulk of completed and near completion projects spread across the nooks and crannies of the state , with some necessitating private purse expenditure to actualise. An example of this sort is the Rochas Okorocha Foundation Inc. that has helped transformed lives beyond imagination.

An unmasking of some of these achievements, too robust to be captured in totality in a bulletin of this sort is worthy of discuss to give a preamble to the mind blowing achievements of the governor.

The media is flooded with the showcasing of decade past projects, falsified and neatly scripted by unscrupulous politicians to entice the public and score watery political points. Have watched the screen with keen interest the non-duplicated and wowing achievements of the governor with concrete verifiable fact to buttress his performance over the years.

Under the auspices of his Urban Renewal Programme, there has been a connection and expansion of rural areas to urban centres. Typified of such is the linking of 1000kilometres rural roads to 600kilometers roads in urban centres. The construction of Akwakuma Amahia stretched to Orlu area affirms this claim. Numerous infrastructural projects to his credit are the construction of the Mbakwe International Cargo Airport, the International cultural centre, ISOPADEC Complex Headquarters, Lounge for Civil servants, the Justice Oputa Complex and host of projects that have given Imo state a face lift.

Industrialisation prioritisation is a major agenda of his administration and this he perceives as the lifeblood of modern economies. His industrial revolution programme has succeeded in attracting rapid economic development to Imo state. A testimonial to this effect is the Paper Packaging Industry situated in Owerri ebiri and the Chinese Company SKYRUN initially put in a defunct state through faulty privatisation policies by his predecessors but have regained strength through public acquisition by his administration that has resuscitated them from their initial comatose state.

In redefining and diversifying Imo state to becoming agrarian driven, one remarkable achievement that cannot be jettisoned in this line, is the “Ikuona nkwu” programme with all communities as beneficiaries. The revitalisation of Agro farms as part of his Back to Land Programmes have caused a boost in rice production in the state.

The reconciliation of his achievements in the area of industrialisation and agriculture have helped bridge poverty gaps and curb social vices that stem out of unemployment debacle. This is evident in the 2015 United Nations Report that shows a drastic fall in poverty levels in the state. The relative peace enjoyed in the state as attested to by the 2015 declaration of Imo state by the World Bank as the safest place of business in the South-East is a function of the development in this line.

Education is the driver of Human Capacity Building . His tremendous achievements in this regards writes the name of Gov. Rochas Okorocha in gold in the lineage of governance of Imo state. The mind blowing performance of Imo students in National Exams such as WAEC and JAMB is no magic but an eloquent manifestation of the governors giant investments in the education sector, through proper funding, measured in the area of 7000 youth must teach programme, introduction of the teachers dress code, supply of study materials, Free education targeted at giving the school system a qualitative rather than a quantitative outlook. Other projects in this angle are the building of IMSUTH, Eastern Palm University Ogboko, Aboh Mbaise, Ngor -Okpla University of Agriculture and the Imo college of Advanced studies that have rescued the state from educational travails.

In settling social inclusion and marginalisation cries, the “Paralympic Programme” for Imo indigenes embraces the needs of the less privileged and physically challenged persons thus giving them a sense of belonging.

The Rochas Okorocha Foundation Inc has allowed equal access to education, health, e.t.c to indigents who ordinarily are at the bottom of the social ladder, coupled with other philanthropic gestures that have earned him huge publicity and acceptability.

In unveiling the robustness of his ongoing projects in the state, the #250 million naira take off fund for Imo state Insurance scheme and the building of the Imo state General hospital, depicts the governor as one who actually believes health is wealth and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Thus, this development portrays Imo state as healthy and wealthy.

With these glaring and iconic achievements aforementioned, one would rightly say without prejudice that if it were constitutionally okay, a call for tenure elongation for the governor would have been welcoming and deserving of him. In the absence of the above reality, it can be unequivocally admitted that His Excellency, Rochas Owelle Okorocha deserves nothing shortfall of a well-done salute from Imolites.

Rather than criticise the governor on chauvinistic ground by those who tend to be prudent with the truth as it concerns affairs of Imo state, haters are hereby advised to key into his government and partake of the development agenda of his administration that has been a blessing and not a curse to the good people of Imo state.

A visit to Imo state by some doubting Thomases and lie fabricators will help cause an ideological upgrade to such persons obviously wallowing in ignorance. The mammoth crowd Gov. Rochas Okorocha pulls when making public appearances settles all discrepancies and projects him as the man of the people, by the people and for the people, thus confirming him worthy of the title of “My People, My People” ambassador of Imo state.

Compiled by; icegate magazine