The ultimate search for a credible candidate with the Redeemer or consummate performer tendency as Nigerians sojourn into accomplishing the much talked about project 2019 ( 2019 general elections) assumes an enigmatic position. The feasibility of this initiative can be strictly questioned following the degree of melo- drama and perilous signal that accompany the trend of party primaries and outcomes.

The emergence of assumed deserving candidates from the recently concluded party primaries and speculations of which aspirant is to carpet or floor opponents at the echelon of power (presidency) have given birth to seductive arguments , robust debates, treacherous commentaries, adverse mimicking of opponents and other forms of political hullabaloo, thus portraying the power tussle to be between the the two political bigwigs I.e “Buhari Versus Atiku”. This scenario can be idiomatically expressed as the fierce battle between two giant elephants (Buhari versus Atiku) of which the grasses (electorates/masses) are meant to bear the brunt, further described as a real case of political combatants flexing muscles in the open. This situation has generated a polemical and braggart breed of party and aspirants supporters. The development have brought to limelight the non fizzling position of the political landlords (godfathers and the megalomaniac politicians) who obviously control the political space and act as political oracles and diviners that predict and decide electoral outcomes.

The constant echoing of the slogan ” Sai Baba” and “Artikulate” and other forms of lampooning of opponents leaves one pondering on the significance of the rationale behind the cocoon existence of the flood of other political parties whose voices seem mute over relegation suffered as a result of the amplified party activities of the two renowned political parties (PDP and APC) that have taken the centre stage of events.

The weighty and sensitive nature of the 2019 election and issues surrounding portrays a calamitous end if Nigerians don’t put their mental arsenal to work by displaying a high political analytical skill that requires weighing with close analysis the consequences tied to electoral decisions. This prediction is built on the iron cast evidence, deduced from the public romance and braggart attitude of party supporters to their political darlings (aspirants). How can one explain the throwing of caution into the wind by some religious moguls publicly fighting dirty and throwing weight behind their perceived choice of candidates ?. One cannot also jettison the exhibition of political acrimony by top notch party supporters and archetypal of such is the attempted exchange of blows between Festus Keyamo the APC spokes person of the Buhari campaign Organisation and Segun Sawunmi of the Atiku campaign Organisation during a Live interview on Channels TV dated October 15th, 2018. These trends of events are crystal clear evidences of red flags and an eloquent manifestation of an unfolding of diverse episodes of political upheavals with the efficacy to truncate the smooth conduct of the forthcoming elections and impede the reaping of the long anticipated pleasing election end results.

In brevity, the degree of political conundrum overheating the polity in current times depicts the Nigeria politics as an avenue for demarcation of social class, building of fractious relationships and revengeful opportunities. Undoubtedly , the political atmosphere is saturated with the eminency of the best and worse candidates that requires only a rational application of reevaluated political decision to correct the heightened level of political bastardization that emanate from such anomalies. This is considered a political parameter for measuring success in contemporary politics. The Nigerian politics has been redefined to mean a subtle game of perceived aggression, nasty and cut throat competition among entities, a shortcoming born from attitudinal and ideological dichotomies.

The drum of war is being played and as usual Nigerians who suffer intellectual myopism are dancing to the rhythm. Nigerian youths have never stopped playing the role of the sacrificial lamb due to their gullible nature that cannot be divorced from their materialistic and mechanical frame of mind , enmeshed in poverty, religion and other forms of sentiments. This explains their ignorant queuing and escorting of incapacitated candidates into the power house and later vehemently express regrets ,thereby abating and aiding all manner of electoral insanity and sacrileges ranging from ballot snatching, assassinations e.t.c, a clear case of political notoriety. The emphasis here is on the Nigerian youths who will never stop being eyed by the political seducers (money bag politicians) and thus puppet at all cost to perpetuate electoral evils due to their (youths) supposed political productiveness distance from intellectual and political maturity as ingrained in the Nigerian political culture. The relevance of the Nigerian youths in Nigeria politics cannot be underestimated as a result of their gigantic numerical strength that reflects a larger percentage of the voting population and will continue to suffer manipulations by the ruling class unless they become resolute in becoming change Generals rather than being relegated to the position of political tenants and eunuchs who ought to have equal stake with the acclaimed political landlords (the politicians) in the political space.

The Sun Tzu strategy of war I.e winning the war without bloodshed reverberates at this juncture. Obviously, the debilitating political situation requires seeking a peaceful emergence of a political messiah that can help Joshua the nation from this day political Egypt and launch into the promise land and not the application of the crude tactics or a faux pas approach of character assassination of opponents, public display of ignominy e.t.c. with obvious catastrophic consequences .

The wave of threats from supporters and aspirants is a sure signal that if tempers are not put under check, the 2019 election will be a signalling of an abysmal failure that will perpetually launch the nation in a political wilderness with no exit route.

Dousing the chaotic situation that may emanate from cut throat competition between aspirants, cases of candidate imposition in some states, threatened boycotting of elections by the IPOB, and other forms of political clueless ness requires a high measure of political tolerance from all political stakeholders (politicians and the electorates ) to avoid political brutality of great magnitude .

The raw fact here is that no election is worth the blood of any Nigerian. If reverse were to be the case, the thousands of lives lost in electoral violence over the years would have put Nigeria in a halt but the reality on ground spells otherwise. In order to detoxify the political shambles steering at our faces, Nigerians should disembark from succumbing to the antics of some political mischief makers who don’t want to fade out of the political scene and have mastered the art of using schematic measure of spreading the sermon of hate, built on obscured lies, political witch hunting and persecution in a bid to gain exasperating responses from opponents thus almost tearing the polity apart.

Changing the narrative requires functioning under the ambit of the law by getting the Permanent Voter Card (PVC), cast vote devoid of sentiments considered a license to a greater nation and a better way of removing the cobwebs from the eyes of defiant electorates who have and want to make themselves the sacrificial lamb for cleansing electoral sins. This reminds one of the popular say “To whom Brain is given , Sense is expected”. Remember in politics , amongst the politicians there are no permanent friends, neither permanent enemies but only among the electorates do we have permanent enemies.

The Potent way to play politics of safety devoid of bitterness by the electorates is to exercise civic responsibility that requires casting votes and not depriving themselves of their franchise believe to be a more of cooperative endeavours to surmount all forms of electoral pressure and misguided consistency that bedevils the Nigerian electoral system. A word they say is enough for the wise.