How My father used My Elder Brother for sacrifice. I grew up with wonderful family where things were moving and keep moving well for Us. None of us could explain why we had so much favour and wealth and all we needed in life.

We never failed in school and we could not be involved in accidents,
Something will just bring us out safely. Whatever was spoken over us also made us not to be affected by sickness. I knew it was not ordinary so I set out to personally know why.

It is what I found out I have decided to expose to the whole world today without any form of fear. I found that we have an elder brother who my father sacrificed for the family to make progress. His is blood was used to enter a covenant that nobody in the home should be poor, sick or die Young (Blood money????)

My findings again Is that even though a stranger joins our family as long as he becomes a member of our family, the same covenant will work for him/her But Why???? Why would my father use my elder brother for such?

This world!! But then it is for our good!!!

So I’m posting their identity so the world can know those behind this act.

My Father (God, Loving Father) used
Our brother (Jesus Christ, Our 1st Born (Rom 8:29)) as a sacrificial lamb

To save you
To heal you and
To bless you

Join Our family today by saying as follow, if you’ve never said it before now.

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice, I accept you as my Lord and Savior and I believe you died and rose again to save, bless and

Thank you for saving me