Buhari Stops Coordinators From Campaigning For His Re-election

The embattled Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari is not happy with the political developments around the country especially within the last two weeks.
The President confided to his close aides that his re-lection bid is being sabotaged and the new leadership of the party is not helping issues. He added that his chances of winning the 2019 election has dropped drastically.
The President instructed the camapign cordinators to stop camapining for his re-election bid as he is no longer sure if he will continue with the bid.
According to Hope For Nigeria, the Media aide to the President, Mr Femi Adesina in a recent press release claimed that the President want to stop his campaign as he does not want to jump the gun against INEC timetable.
This excuse according to Hope For Nigeria does not hold water, as President Buhari has expressed his interest since Novemember 2017 and have been diverting loads of public funds and investing heavily in his re-election bid, but was joilted by the massive defection from his Party and non 100% corporation from the party leadership from south west.
Latest Opinion polls showed that President Buhari’s approval rating has dropped below 30% and with the pillars of his party moving to the opposition party, the PDP, the chance of Buhari suffering the worst election defeat in Nigerian political history is very high.