The following are some of the famous characteristics of a common APC member:

1) Hostility: Most APC members are very hostile, this is because they lack cogent points to defend or promote their political party. For their three years in power there is no project they will show you, so they resort to aggression whenever you engage them in an argument.

2) Lies: Show me one honest APC member and i will show you a faithful harlot. The party itself is an embodiment of falsehood and propaganda, to extent that, in three years of being in power, they cannot sieve governance from campaign. They start their blames from who discovered Nigeria to the last person that ruled before them.

3) They have three eyes: All APC members have three eyes, two of the eyes are the God given one and the third eye is the one they use to see their projects and achievements in their reign. You need to be an APC member to have the imaginary eye to see their projects.

4) Clueless: Most of their members are as confused as kindergarten children, even those in government did not know what government will do to bring succour to the people. Maybe it’s because most of them are ill educated.

5) Stingy and self-centered: Most APC members are so stingy, they keep complaining that there is no money but to themselves they have change cars, build mansions and are training their children in expensive schools both home and abroad. Even if their government manage to give something to be shared among their own members, the privilege ones do cease it for their personal use.

6) lack conscience and morale: the moment you engage APC members in an argument, they end up calling you a looter OR supporter of looters, to them anyone who is not in support of APC is corrupt and a looter. In the eyes of their members, is only APC that is corrupt free. They keep fighting nomenclature.

There are many of these characteristics of APC members, but i select few to remind you whenever someone in your neighborhood start exhibiting such you will know the person by his or her fruits and take draconian measures in dealing with the person.