As long as the earth remains, everyone has the right to the same twenty-four hours to response to either pressures or priorities.
Most assuredly, the real essence of life is to be happy and fulfilled one’s purpose in life. Naturally, it’s human to want to be cherished, valued and admired, but bet, your enemies won’t allowed your reputation untarnished.
As it stand, you must arise above their expectations, never allow what others say about you to put you down or change your opinion on who you are.
Simply put,what you don’t value, won’t be valued. What you don’t remember, won’t be remembered. And what you won’t change, won’t be changed. What you don’t do,won’t be done either. And this is exactly how you should treat unkind comment,and counter reaction against your person.
Friends, get this clear you are the guard at the door of your life. Nobody but you is in charge . And remember,nothing gets in or out without your permission.
In addition don’t expect the world to always understands and appreciate you. Therefore refuse totally to allow either your boss,neighbours,roommates,friends and spouse the power to dictate what kind of mood you will be in,based on how they treat you.
As a result of their sin,God allowed Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to besieged Jerusalem and carried King of Judah and the inhabitants into exile In Babylon, including Meshach, shedrach,Abednego and Daniel.
For sure,they are bound to forfeit their freedom, homes,normal lives and culture. They became victims of circumstances far beyond their control. Firstly they have to put up with learning foreign language.
Friends, how do you react when you don’t get what you expect? Do you sulk and whine?,not the Hebrew nobles.,their circumstances didn’t detar them either,instead, they stood their ground, been in foreign land didn’t devalue their worth,their conviction and trust for God.imagine Daniel purposed in his heart never to defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies nor his wine,while the three others refused not bow down to worship the king’s idol,not minding the consequence.
Instead of bemoaning your faith and starts blaming heaven for your predicament, No matter the height of your ailments, you can still make the right choice!
Standing your ground entails, no excuses,no blaming, no self pity but no self condemnation either!