Sure every dispensation in the Nigerian circle has one evil confronting which serves as a litmus test on the administrative competence. Archetypal of such is the Boko Haram menace that ravaged the Good Luck Jonathan’s administration and currently the evil of the perceived Fulani Herdsmen bandits that has assumed an alarming and disastrous proportion.
As it stands pressures are mounting with so many accusing Mr president of an unusual silence in terms of curbing the excesses of some set of unpatriotic cattle rearers that have drifted from their agrarian enterprise to becoming an ambassador of terrorism. Human lives ought to be sacrosanct but today one can hardly distinguish between the slaughtering of a cow and the killings of humans like mere chickens .
This dehumanising act and the levity at which such issue is being treated inflicts pains in the hearts of many who now doubt the intents of Mr President in building a one Nigeria thus giving a political undertone and antagonistic perception to the problem at hand. Some will say the president has Fulani affiliation by tribe as such will continue to sweep under the carpet the barbaric act perpetuated by his Kinsmen in the guise of herdsmen thus giving room for antagonizing outcomes.
The deployment of the IGP to Benue state where the menace of the usual killings have hit the ceiling is criticised by many as not a drastic measure ,as it is believed that desperate situation requires desperate measures.
At this point in time what could be the expectations of millions of Nigerians as it concerns addressing the evils of the herdsmen ?. In my analogy and candid opinion of the situation, is that if president Buhari wants to prove the populace wrong in their insinuations about the killings, his military apparatus and administrative strategies should focus on :
1)Establishing Identity : unravelling the true identity of these terrorist herdsmen that pose as mere cattle rearers . I am of the opinion that it will be a case of character assassination to without evidence label a group of people (Fulanis) terrorists. Not every cattle rearer is a Fulani and until proven otherwise the word should be “Herdsmen killing” and not Fulani Herdsmen as misconstrued by many.
2) Arms Proliferation: it has come to public notice that majority of herdsmen are in possession of fire arms. Their activities should be checkmated and if found guilty prosecuted.
3) coercive measures: several regions where there are traces of terrorism have witnessed the unleashing of military terror . one of such military interventions that have left an indelible footprint is the “Operation Python Dance” in the South East and “Operation Crocodile Smile” in the South -South. One begins to wonder why same military bombardments method has not been employed in the case of the herdsmen killings especially when there is a clear territorial definition of the operational base of such herdsmen such as Benue , Kogi, Delta states respectively. This is where Mr president is being accused of complicity and connivance with the killers and actions not divorced from tribalism in his approach. Nigerians are anxiously waiting to see how events will play out .
4)Border Infiltration: it has been ignominiously debated that the herdsmen constituting major killings are foreigners. If confirmed true, such a scenario is a revealer of the porosity of the country’s border which in turn exposes the inefficiency of the agencies saddled with the responsibility of ensuring territorial security e.g immigration and other sister agencies.
5)Grazing Reserves: no doubt there is competition over scarce resources induced by rapid urbanisation and other economic indicators. This explains the rational behind the migration of the herdsmen from the northern part to other regions and in a bid to avoid confrontation from land owners who perceive them as invaders, take to armful measure under the umbrella of self defense. Such predicament has also played out in the case of the Sudan war. To remedy such a situation , there should be designated areas for grazing and land use act with enabling laws to prosecute law offenders in this regard.
Conclusively , the urgency and severity at which the crux of the matter is handled will actually determine the worthiness of the president and his allies the ticket to a second term come 2019. Obviously, the masses are gradually shifting from the politics of tribal, ethnic and religious sentiments to that of looking out for administrative competence that can guarantee a better Nigeria in conformity with the tenets of our heroes past. The trend by many is for mr president to deal with herdsmen’s killings and only then can he be considered credible for a second term. Nigerians are obviously tired of elongating the lifespan of terrorism while lives are been wasted. “The word is say no to the nurturing of sacred cows in our country”.