FULANI/NOMADIC RADIO: Threat to National Security or Not?

By; Prince Ifeanyi Agumba


The safety of a nation against threats such as terrorism, war, or espionage.”an imminent threat to national security,  can  the Media  rescue Nigeria from the massive insecurity and in fostering and strengthening Nigeria’s unity? Many scholars, journalist and the government can’t underrate the power of the media in solving the problems

Nwanegbo and Odigbo (2013) argued that the concept of national security is a crosscutting, and multi-dimensional concept which has, over the last century, been the subject of great debate. However, long before that, the history of mankind was interspersed by the frenzied search for the best way of ensuring the security of the people, their properties, territories, states and institutions among others. In all places and countries, security has been considered as a “first order value” worth preserving.

Today, the country’s nascent democracy is being tested by rampant crime and an unprecedented campaign of terror such that in the south, civil unrest threatens safety a stability, to the east; gangs who kidnap expatriates for ransom lie in wait on the roads, in bars, and cities; and to the north, the Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram and the fulani herdsmen is growing both in number and brutality hence the group has posed brazen challenges to the government and issued the ultimatum “leave or die” to Christians living in the northern Nigeria and confidence that the government can protect the people is at all-time low

Recently, the media has been buzzing with issues bothering on the establishment of Fulani Radio, despite proposed amplitude modulation to checkmate its broadcasting activities.

Mixed feelings and personality maiming have trailed the polity, necessitated on the growing escalation of previous and resumed hostilities that have launched the nation mourning over multiple losses, thus giving religious, political and ethnic undertone /interpretations to the menace. This scenario brings to the fore the Islamization and Fulanisation concept as further amplified by some elder statesmen. How realistic can this acclaimed insinuations spreading like wild fire be?.

The concept is no doubt being blown out of proportion, as interpretations given cannot be distanced from aggression over the blood bath measured in banditry, kidnapping , terrorism (Boko Haram and Herdsmen killings) and other lineaments of security decrepitude.

However, the Fulani Radio and the disdain it has received so far is a clear act of misconstrued intent. First and foremost, the Islamisation /Fulani concept should be discarded as it cannot be rationally established . it could have been justified if the herdsmen killings and Boko Haram activities are targeted at a particular tribe (ethnic cleansing /genocide )or religion. Mosques are targets, Fulani’s are not spared as victims. Islamization cannot be the case here, in the sense that these set of unpatriotic elements are indiscriminate about their operations as Muslims also get a share of the menace and if it were to be an Islamic agenda, such unscrupulous elements would have spread their tentacles to the southern and Eastern part of the country where the chunk of Christians are domiciled. How then can one affiliate the killings to mean a Fulani/Islamization conquest agenda ?..

The misconception by the populace and politicians is further deepened by misguided utterances and humanitarian rubbishing of Mr president .

It is an established fact that the media has its plus and minuses when it comes to matters of national concern and that is why is believed to have important influences. Emphasis is most times hinged on the negative consequences of the media ,capturing basically the use of media propaganda to spread hate that cut across ethnic, religious and political lines. This explains better why this Fulani radio drive is dreaded to mean an alignment with the promotion of the heinous activities of the herdsmen believed to be associated with the Fulani race in Northern Nigeria, with many sighting the role of the media in the Rwanda crisis and even the Biafra Radio of the proscribed IPOB. How can the establishment of a radio house generate so much dust when there are other synonymous radio stations that are tribally linked such as Radio Biafra, WAZOBIA FM?.

It is axiomatic that the Fulani’s are not enlightened in terms of western education as majority of this class of people.