Hon. Ike C. IBE the only APGA aspirant with unparalleled credibility



The most credible candidate among all the aspirant for Imo State Governor. Having been the running mate of Capt. Iheancho with Iheancho choosing now not to run in the coming election..the mantel of APGA now falls on him to deliver the state.

His credibility and anti corruption stand makes him the best candidate that can salvage Imo youth from the corrupt, nepotistic  government of  Rochas

Ike Ibe love for Imo State which runs deep from his days as the youngest ever speaker of Imo house of assembly.. even while on political exile caused by his pro democracy stand ..he was still able to work pro bono for Imo State attracting investments and major donor agencies contribution to Imo state.

Ike Ibe have shown vast knowledge and ability to be the one to turn the mass educated youth population of Imo State to an economic advantage encouraging investors to come to Imo State as an economic and technology hub suppprted by vast educated vibrant youthful population.

Ike Ibe will make Imo State an enabling investment destination, by bonding and supporting interested private investors willing to invest in Imo State.

Ike Ibe have been in politics for over 30 years ..and never have any political thuggery ever been associated to him or his campaign team . The security and protection of all Imo State citizens will be a must under Ike Ibe as governor.

The ability of a functional local government is paramount to sustained development. Ike Ibe have maintained that his government will insure that.

Provision of Roads, Water and Electricity is a duty of a government and not an achievement. Under Ike Ibe there will be no special ceremonies to commision such a execution of government duty.

Ike Ibe understands that the potential of Imo State has not been touched and that under APGA this will be achieved.

Ndi Imo ..this time is different ..we should not again allow a bag of rice affect our life for the next four years.

APAG is the Party. Ike Ibe is the Man.


Martin Gbados .