Lagosians are intelligent people, they exhibit patience until the judgement day while Amobode was still confident in his ego and pride he never see his exit coming, before he could his reign was over,  amidst the following twenty four solid allegations he was humiliated in an historical primary elections ever conducted in Lagos state.

1. Removed Oresanya LAWMA boss, sacked LASAA boss, sacked
LAMATA boss, disorganized LASEB, disorganized LAWMA,
public works, changed KAI to LAGESC. Oga calm down, he no
2. Sacked over 25000 staff of Lawma in one day and
introduced Visionscape that was dead on arrival.
3. Sacked Alausa Chaplain because the wife was not first to
take holy communion.
4.Increased Toll fees and property tax.
5. Treating electorates with disdain. No communication and
6. Abandoning the Lagos healthcare plan.
7. Dilapidated infrastructure.
8. Unconcern to traffic gridlock
9. Disengaged almost 300 health volunteers who have put five
years of their lifetime into volunteering for Lagos state
primary healthcare system. Stepped into data gathering and
management. They have become experts in the data system.
Sack them just because FASHOLA recruited them.
10. Nobody could reach him to advise him.
Till today Oga Ade is yet to provide land for National Housing
project despite Fashola’s plea as minister of Housing.. 30
states have.
11. He is personally vindictive of anyone that criticizes him.
12. He threw the mother of the former National Legal adviser
out of his house because he opposed him.
13. He threw more than 5000 street sweeper and refuse worker
off their job gave to a new company Lagos was spending
N300m on waste now it N930m yet the whole place is dirty,
14. His commissioners cannot call. He does not pick calls except
he calls them.
15. Projects they send to him are only approved if his cronies
are given the jobs even when they are not qualified since they
did not bid.
16. He has only constructed One bridge at Abule-egba and has
massive road projects, what of housing, what of health, what of
school, what of job/employment creation.
17. The flood and traffic in Lagos and potholes everywhere is
because as the practice he refused to release fund for drain
clearance since he does not have cronies willing to do it,
18. He gave all the road projects to one contractor that is now
19. Lagos exco meeting used to take 12 hrs and continue next
day but now its 3-4 hours because he listens to no idea or
arguments, all he say is “who is Governor”.
20. Lagos is about continuity so why abandon all the projects
left by Fashola like Badagry expressway, the Light rail
Project, Housing projects…Fashola gave jobs to party members
depending on their competency.
21. Fashola never used siren but Ambode closes road if he
wants to pass causing pains and traffic.
22. He has made himself governor of Epe while he did
commendable well in touching Epe his hometown, but it was too
lopsided and he and his cronies flaunt it.
23.Removal of Commissioner Ganiyu Johnson (works) TP
Anifiwose (Physical planning) because they disagreed with him
on a process. They are party men since 1999, building the
party, people and policies, he joined APC in July 2014
24. At loggerheads with all party elders on whose shoulder he
was hoisted on us in 2014. A lot more i hear but i will stop
here……Now it is not TINUBU, it’s the party elders and
members and for the growth of our party they said let’s go
for primaries.
Let nobody pity him cos he is the architect of his problems. Also to remind people of Lagos Epe Governor worst the state of Lagos public schools to what it’s now by cancel SCRPS that elevating public schools’ INFRASTRUCTURES may the