Is corruption our middle name, the fight against corruption must be intensified, the real change begin with you. Nigeria need transparency in all facet of his administration and as erudite scholar some recent analysis about the new Nigeria air need clerification.

$8.8m for preliminary expenses – cost of logo (made in Bahrain), cost of promotional video (made in Bahrain), unveiling of logo (Done in UK), cost of CNN interview (location unknown)

$300m for seed investment- basically a grant to any investor ready to buy into the story and keep it alive till after 2019 elections

Number of investors on board willing to stake their decades of reputation to further help rob Nigerians (zero)

Number of planes for the airline thats has been launched and ready to start in December (zero)

Website (none)
Office (none)
Staff (none)
Telephone number (none)
Registered address (none)
Budgetary allocation for the $300m (not in 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 budget)
Source of the preliminary $8.8m being spent (unknown)

Recent developments (story changing by the hour as each lie is exposed)

CONCLUSION – yahoo yahoo is now officially a government business under buhari.

Chief yahoo minister – minister for logo aviation
Supporting yahoo minister – minister for fake news aka alhaji lying Mohammed
Chief shashe spokesman – mr your land or your life
Target magas – Nigerian voters and foreign brands
Real magas – buharideens

FINAL ANALYSIS – Target magas won’t pay, focus on the real magas who clap for a president who commissions mangoes.

RECOMMENDATIONS – official footwear of Nigeria Air must be Nike Air.