A generation whose youths have no patrotic conviction and pride of identity is certainly going extinct. Most Nigerians will not identify with today’s leadership as patriots.
It is more worrisome when we are under the scourge of crooks, ethnic advocates and religious bigots.

I often feel so sad and unfortunate coming from this parts of the world that celebrates lawlessness, canonizes evils, fraud, impunity and exploitations so long as it has the coating of religion, ethnicity or rewards for laziness. A society whose emperors are criminals rather than custodians of vision, integrity, resourceful and selfless service to humanity. Predators who feast on the vulnerabilities of the people rather than protect and secure them?

I am concerned for my children and young innocent but infested souls under exposure to these unfortunate turn of events in our national life. The primaries by the political parties are exposing the extent depraved and morally bankrupt opportunists can go in order to position themselves for dubious and criminal acts against the people and be able to escape the consequences of their evil actions.

Leadership for sale is the quickest way to destroy any society and bringing ruins to the people. Our choices today will determine our comfort or otherwise tomorrow.

We are making harmful choices by endorsing criminals and common thieves as leaders and managers of our common wealth.


Alfred Ononugbo