Osun Election & the Spirit of True Revolutionist



As humans, we tend to get discouraged when it seems as if the tyrannical forces of evil are extinguishing the light being fuelled by people of good conscience cum democrats. Even the bible says that hope diminished; makes the heart sick. I understand the pains and anguish of true patriots whose liberal democratic spirits have been dampened and broken as a result of sheer rape of democracy and brazen truncation of people’s mandate in Osun State, in the charade called governorship election. It was a really dark day for Nigeria’s democracy. Majority made their mark but few despotic elements had their way—at least, momentarily.

As a true revolutionist, I will not allow what happened in Osun State to break my spirit, bruise my soul and bankrupt my zeal. The ultimate goal of a tyrant is to make you feel useless, worthless and helpless in determining your socio-political future. A tyrant want you to succumb to the slavish narrative that your opinion is inconsequential and, by extension; that your vote is as “useless” and “hopeless” as the person casting it. A despot want to impose the false narrative on you that your vote won’t change anything. A despot want you to surrender your future and that of generation unborn to him. So, the fight is not really about who wins the election, but to keep holding on to your inalienable right to have a say, on how your society is governed, even when that right is being trampled upon by anti-democratic elements.

Did you observe the atmosphere at the state collation center when the “result” was announced? The usual psyched celebration was no where to be found. It was a dead silence all over. Even the APC members could not disguise the moral burden on them to rejoice. They simply walked out of the venue like mourners that just finished attending burial of someone who died tragically. Their body language showed that they made away with a stolen mandate—that will still be retrieved through judicial process. The INEC officials who conspired to subvert Osun people’s wish, wore long faces. The burden of guilt and harsh verdict of posterity that awaits them, will not allow them enjoy the “blood money” collected from the purveyors of authoritarianism.

There is a general consensus in the air—even amongst discerning the APC apologists, that votes were not allowed to count in Osun State. International observers gave a damning report that the election fell short of least standard of credible electioneering. That is a major achievement made by all the advocates of participatory democracy in Osun State and beyond. The INEC unapologetic partiality has been exposed for the world to see. Security agencies collusion with the APC to stifle democratic rights of Nigerians, has been laid bare in the public. President Buhari paranoic desperation for re-election; owing to his dwindled popularity, has become an established fact not perceived opinion of the PDP anyone. The blatant abuse of state institutions as shamefully displayed by the Presidency, has further entrenched the narrative that we have tyrants in power.

If die-hard revolutionists like us, are still standing in the face of death threats issued to us, for being consistent in opposing tyrannical actions of this oppressive government, then it will be a gross act of cowardice on your part to give up the fight for a better Nigeria, because of Osun State electoral tragedy. I unequivocally and categorically reject this ongoing defeatist propaganda that PVC is useless—and should only be reserved for other official purposes. Those propagating this jagged and flawed argument are actually playing into the hands of our oppressors, who want to reduce us to delusional zombies that cannot help but become prisoners and slaves of their own government. If you you’re not ready to carry arms—of which I will never advocate, PVC is one of the major instruments in our odyssey of peaceful revolution to enthrone a Nigeria of our dreams. You cannot give up on your entire body simply because a part of it is plagued by cancerous virus. Tyranny as epitomized in election rigging, is a cancer on Nigerian democracy, we must fight it or get consumed by it.


Chidiebere Nwobodo