Theresa May of UK will visit PMB on Wednesday while Angela Merkel of Germany on Friday.

If you think they are coming on a picnic soon after Macron visit, then you are part of our problem.

The west is bleeding from PMB’s policy. They tried to cajole him, it failed. Media war could not achieve same. Indirect pressure has failed.

PMB economic principles is bleeding their economy.
1. Stolen funds are no longer outbound in huge catches. Yes, some still manage to escape. But not a free for all as it used to be.

2. The Chinese had been allowed to redirect our economic focus. Chinese companies are taking over where their companies used to hold monopoly. And quiet frankly, they are a better deal.

3. Nigerians are looking inward. We are diversifying at a rate they did not imagine. Morbid fear of our greatness is kicking in.

4. PMB has put focus on the complicity of the western industrialised nation to the perversive poverty in Africa and developing world.

They are now finding it difficult to continue in their hypocrisy.
PMB is an immense challenge. He has not offered them any leeway to compromise him. He does not seek what carrot they have hitherto dangled before our leaders.

They are at a loss as to what to do.
If these two fail in their mission, then expect Trump and the Canadian PM. Before the Pope is called in.

After this I fear they will take the extreme position on him. A grim prediction but very possible.