The power of incumbency is the power to use the elected office for political gain.  Depending on the office it can direct funds to projects that benefit supporters or punish opponents

In Africa the power of incumbency is the main reason why so many office holders are re-elected over and over – especially in Presidential election, Congress and the Senate.  They already know how to use the system to reward and punish

One expert laments that incumbents abusing power in the context of elections is a long-standing problem, and one where little has changed in recent years. The main mechanism intended to curb the excesses of incumbency is electoral laws and regulations. India and Bangladesh are cited as countries where there has been some success in this regard. Another reply notes that such laws and regulations are often not applied uniformly in African countries – to the benefit of the incumbent party.

To all PVC proponents and propagandists, KNOW THIS:

Paul Biya took over in Cameroun as president in November of 1982. In spite of his high-handedness, Camerounians have gone to the polls 7 times, equipped with their PVCs to remove him. They failed woefully! It’s 36 years now!

For 38 years, Togolese struggled with their PVCs to remove President Gnassingbe Eyadema. The more they tried, the more they failed. Until his death in 2005, Gnassingbe ruled Togo in spite of the fact that he was rejected by the people. PVCs could not help them. At his death however, his son, Faure Gnassingbe, took over power! Up till date and for a period of 50 years and counting, 2 men ruled a country! A father and his son, just because the people are politically correct, waiting for election year to remove them with their PVCs. What a miserable life?

Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga took over power in Zaire in 1965 as a dictator after killing Patrice Lumumba. He later became a democrat and instead of open democracy, he unified all political parties under himself. People had PVCs but it was just another useless pieces of paper. It took a combined military revolution by the Rwandan Tutsi and the Ugandan Army to topple his government in 1997! 32 years on!

President Teodore Obiang Nguema Mbasongo of Malabo is still very much in power since 1979! Is it that Equatorial Guineans do no have their PVCs? By all means they do, but the yoke upon their necks cannot be broken by a piece of paper!

For 42 years, 175 days, El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondinba ruled Gabon! PVCs or not, he won election after election till his death in 2009! Even after death, his Biafran adopted son, Ali Bongo Ondinba, took over power till date!

What was I supposed to say concerning the famous Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe? If not for military revolution, even at 93 years he would have been in power still.
Over 40 years of rulership!

We could go on and on to cite examples, but one thing remains outstanding in the case of Cameroun.

Haven tried all they could with their PVCs, the southern part of Cameroun knew and understand the power of boycott! Led by President Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, who was later arrested by the brutish Nigeria Army, the Republic of Ambazonia embarked on a total boycott in November 2017. No election, no schools, no office, no banks and no nothing! They declared a ghost town in the whole of their region and by the first quarter of 2018, UN-led peacekeeping forces landed in Cameroun! As I write now, serious plans are on-going for a UN-monitored referendum for the Ambazonian Republic!

What they could not achieve with 32 years of voting and PVCs, they have achieved with 6 months of boycott!

It is left for you to decide whether the power of PVCs is limited or not.

When next you are confronted by the PVC/Vote advocates, ask them why has voting failed Africa since 1960?

It is civil disobedience and resistance that weaken despots and tyrants, not votes and PVCs! Tyrants are even more afraid of boycott than they are of a revolution. They can crush revolutions, arrest the ring-leaders, tag them treasonable felons and eliminate them, but they have no antidote to a successful boycott.

Do you want to shake tables? Boycott is the fastest, cheapest, safest, painless and loudest route. You need your voice to be heard? Then embrace a boycott!

Think freedom, think boycott!

Don’t be fooled or coerced into mistaking a tyrant for a democrat, or a Buhari for a Jonathan. Do not look at 2019 through the prism of 2015. Your votes DID NOT COUNT in 2015 and DEFINITELY WILL NOT COUNT in 2019, 2023, …! You didn’t vote out Jonathan and certainly cannot vote out Buhari.

Do not mistake countries where institutions are strong for this British political shithole. Voting works where institutions are strong and independent of the central government, not in evil forests like Nigger-area. What you do every time you go out to vote, is to endorse your slavery and oil the chains that bind you! While a boycott will bring all stakeholders to the conference table, voting validates the charade of elections.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our own mind”, Robert Nesta Rastaman Marley.

Nice time pals, as you think towards freeing yourself from all kinds of slavery