1. My attention has been drawn to some publications on some of the nations dailies today, 29th July 2018 by some quarters in the country asking for recall act to stem defections.
2. I want to remind such people that recall is already in the law of the land. Unless such people are suffering from amnesia, the leadership of Kogi State government attempted to use it to recall the distinguished senator from Kogi West, Sen Dino Melaye, the recall failed woefully.
3. Any effort or attempt to recall any member of the National Assembly or state Houses of Assembly will not only fail but will amount to flagrant infringement on the the constitutional and fundamental rights of the legislators.
4. Constitutions all over the world, Nigeria inclusive guarantee citizens the right to freely associate with any individuals and organizations of their choice and such right cannot be infringed upon by anyone or government.
5. Defections are not bad for our democracy. In fact, defections strengthen our democracy.
6. Those who change their minds as new information emerges are the real democrats. The danger to our democracy are not the defectors, the danger to our democracy are the partisan hawks, ideologies and  demagogues who continue to support a particular party when such party through its actions and policies have failed the people.
7. I have heard some people say they will test section 68 of the constitution in a bid to forcefully return those to their party.
8. These partisan people are hypocrites and I want to remind them that in 2014 when there was a mass revolt and defections from the ruling PDP to the opposition APC at that time, those people didn’t test section 68 of the constitution.
9. Only recently, a group of PDP members including lawmakers led by the former governor of Borno State, Sen Ali Modu Sheriff defected from the PDP to the APC and these people remained silent on testing section 68 of the constitution. Testing section 68 of the constitution we must do, but it must go back to 2014.
10. Carpet crossing is not unique to Nigeria. Those who think otherwise are ignorant of political evolution in other countries including the United States of America that we copy from.
11. Let me educate these ignorant hypocrites that the current members of the current Republican party in the deep southern sates of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas were former members of the Democratic Party and vice versa.
12. Only recently, Late Sen Allen Spector of the great state of Pennsylvania who had been in the Republican party of decades defected to the Democratic party when his party  moved further to the right, leaving him stranded in terms of values and interest. Sen Spector was a Democrat before he became a Republican.
13. These hypocrites should also be reminded that the Republican President of the USA, Donald John Trump, as far back as in 1998 was a Democrat.
14. Only last week, a Republican Commissioner in a county in Portland, Oregon defected to the Democratic party because her party no longer represent her values and interests. I can go on and on.
15. Those who can defect from their party to another are the true democrats. They are independents who vote individuals and issues and coincidentally, these are also the people who tilt elections to one direction or the other.
16. It is therefore foolish for anyone to ignore these independent voters and politicians. President Mohammadu, a timid and sandals wearing former army general was only able to win the presidency of Nigeria in 2015 after unsuccessful attempts in 2003, 2007 and 2011 because he was backed by these defectors who are now being vilified by these hypocrites.
17. Let me correct these hypocrites that Mohammadu Buhari could not have won in 2015 had he not rode on the backs of these defectors. If Mohammadu Buhari was a brand like these hypocrites insinuate, why didn’t he, Buhari win in 2003, 2007 or even 2011?
18.  If we unwilling accept their insinuation that Buhari is a brand, such a brand has now become a damaged and  toxic one, too dangerous for Buhari himself nonetheless any other politician.
19. Demystified Mohammadu Buhari is incapable of helping himself nonetheless anyone else. Mohammadu Buhari in 2018 is the most vulnerable president in the world. He has presided over a government in which Nigeria became the most impoverished, the most terrorized and the most corrupt country in the world, according to most reputable world bodies. His government is a colossal failure of epic proportion that promised heaven on earth, yet delivered below the earth.
Capt Bishop Johnson is former United States Army officer, National Security Analyst and a Political Commentato

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