Lagos Governor Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu urged bereaved family members to pick up the corpses that pertain to them in the state’s morgues for burial as mortuaries are filling up beyond capacity. He pointed out that the lack of space in state mortuaries was down to a backlog and not due to an increase in Covid-19-related deaths.

Sanwo-Olu said owners had two weeks to collect their deceased relatives, “Regarding essential movement, I would like to speak concerning funerals. One of the outcomes of this lockdown is that many families and households have had to postpone funeral plans for loved ones who have passed away before or during this period. As you might know, many Christian denominations do not carry out funerals during the Lenten Season. Funerals are typically kept on hold during this period, and scheduled for the period immediately following the end of Lent. Unfortunately, this year, the Covid-19 Lockdown coincided with the end of Lent, which caused many families and households to further suspend or put off funeral plans. Because of this inability to hold funerals, occasioned by the restrictions on movement, the mortuaries in Lagos State are now full and in urgent need of decongestion. Let me make it clear at this point that these are not Covid-19 deaths”.