The Good

Fr. Ejike Mbaka (Olorun nikan lo mo nkan to nbaa ka) of Catholic Diocese of Enugu has started seeing vision of how Buhari is the Messiah we have been waiting for and the best President Nigeria will ever have, while Goodluck Jonathan was a bad luck for Nigeria. But today Catholic Priests and faithfuls are massacred and slaughtered in large numbers under Buhari. Mbaka is yet to see another vision.

Tinubu said Buhari was the best Person to lead Nigeria but today for the first time in decades Tinubu’s party in Lagos has parallel Primaries thanks to Buhari’s leadership.

Around this time in 2015, TY Danjuma told us Buhari was a good leader… Today Danjuma’s people are under seige and he says the army under Buhari is giving cover to those who are slaughtering Danjuma’s people in the Middle Belt.

Around this time in 2014, Pastor Tunde Bakare told us we can expect a better Nigeria under Buhari. Today Pastor Bakare is advising Nigerians to look for a better leader who will restructure and save Nigeria from Buhari’s cabal.

Around this time in 2014, Prof Tam David-West promised Nigerians that Buhari will make petrol #45 per liter, today Petrol is #145 per liter and Buhari has spent #1.4trillion on fuel subsidy which he claimed was a fraud. Prof. Tan David West has gone deaf and dumb.

Around this time in 2014, Sai Buharists swore that Buhari will declare his assets publicly and produce his WAEC certificate… Till date he has neither shown us his WAEC certificate or declared his real assets.

About this time in 2014 Fashola said a serious Govt will fix power problem in Nigeria within 6 months. Three years after they have have taken power, they have not added one megawatt to the grid. Fashola is now minister of darkness under Buhari.

About this time in 2014, Buhari said naira will be #1 to $1 yet he has messed it up from #187 in 2015 to $1 to #365 to $1 in 2018.

About this time in 2014, my Uncle Ofia was busy campaigning for Buhari. He told me that Buhari will make Nigeria’s economy better than that of Dubai. Today, my Uncle’s company has folded because of Buhari’s bad economic policies and administrative cluelessness.

About this time in 2014, Buhari promised that insecurity especially Boko Haram insurgency will end in 3 months. But in 3 years he has added the fulani herdsmen terrorism and militia which is by far more dreaded and deadly than Boko Haram and human lives in Nigeria have become meaningless and valueless under Buhari’s watch.

In 2014/2015 OBJ was campaigning for Buhari because for him then it was any thing but Jonathan.

The bad

Today Obasanjo has seen what a grave judgement he passed and what afflictions he wrecked on the nation ,

He is in the same league with most godfathers like Bola Tinubu and Olusegun Obasanjo so you can say that he cannot be bullied by anyone in Nigeria. He is quite decisive. His executive orders are usually very swift and direct. He is fearless and ruthless(although this might border on “abuse of power”). He is unapologetic(my Igbo brothers and sisters need to learn one or 2 things from Baba about this because we would rather compromise ourselves by getting other tribes on board. President Buhari gives no excuses for having 99% of his tribesmen on his executive team). 

Old school politics like; fighting corruption over fighting for people’s welfare.   Outdated ideas. He seems to approach the current Nigeria like the 1970’s Nigeria. Lack of tact especially when addressing the media or discussing other tribes (I will blame it on his old age). “Political Correctness” is not in our President’s dictionary. Lack of transparency, accountability and direction. Total arrogance and disdain for the law. His leadership is 85% Corruption battle, 15% people’s welfare. He seems to forget that he is leading people. What is the use of recovering looted funds when Nigerians are dying in alarming numbers? His battle for corruption and loot recovery seem to be directed towards the opposition party, PDP. He truly has his head in his past Military era


The Ugly

I still cannot believe he said something like an International press conference

  • One can accuse him of being grossly tribalistic and might not be wrong because he does not have a firm stance on the fight against Tribalism.
  • Vindictive which could actually make him petty at times (remind you of someone that made the news recently for that?).
  • Ignoring many major concerns in the country since he was sworn into office like; Inter Tribal rifes, Herdsmen attack, Biafra etc.
  • He seems detached from many social issues in Nigeria. He has never discussed education, healthcare, women’s rights, protection of youths and women etc. He is only about the economy which is an irony as Olusegun Obasanjo said President Buhari knows very little about that.
  • Disastrous leadership strategies like locking up the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu for almost 9 months now instead of bringing the group to the negotiating table. He also should have employed inclusive strategies with all the Nigerian tribes to promote peace in the country instead of lording over the already distressed group and agitating millions of their members. His strategy also could be blamed for indirectly stirring up many other groups like the Niger Delta Avengers and XYZ groups that have been activated recently.

According to MODIU OLAGURO of sahara reporter

President Trump’s remark about our lifeless president was not a consequence of ignorance. He sits atop a nation that has become the policeman of the world. We remember one of ex-president Jonathan’s salvo when pressed on the massive corruption in his administration, saying such a humongous sum could not have gone missing without the knowledge of the US. Trump knows too well the misery that afflicts us as a nation. With our president embodying such misery however posh his looks, it would not be out of sync to qualify him in ways that reflect the realities of our wretched condition: lifelessness.

While it’s true that President Buhari met the nation on life support, he has done very little to breathe some life into her. In many core areas of our national life, Buhari has further drawn life from them while in others, he removed them from life support only to inject some heavy doses of virus into them. Let’s consider insecurity. While making significant gains on the war on terror (Boko Haram), the president, via his clannishness and ethnocentrism allowed killings by herdsmen fester in significant portions of the country especially in the north central. His political naivety and mediocrity on economic issues led to the plummet of the naira, thus nurturing the economy his predecessors had planted on quicksand.

Since Buhari became president, he has neither shown the capacity nor discipline, not even the nationalistic drive to put life into Nigerians. Both policy-wise and through leading by example, the president has been lifeless in conducing the nation’s educational goals into achieving those set out for the nation; he has been lifeless in kick-starting a process that would get Nigerians affordable health care; he has been lifeless in putting food on the table of a significant portion of the populace; and most damningly, his life has been on leave on issues concerning governance, fairness and accountability, qualities lacking among all of his predecessors whose traces nationals found in him to have pricked them into putting him in office.