So, OBJ, one of the main architects of the ‘peculiar mess’ in which Nigeria’s economy, polity, governance, etc find themselves, is still pretending to hold sway! He has been part of the problem we find ourselves; now he is aspiring to be part of the solution. That cannot be possible. This man is behaving like a Kingmaker, Godfather, – some sort of ‘be all and end all’. Must we allow this to continue? The answer is a resounding NO.

Months ago, OBJ was trying to galvanise the younger folks; ‘come together, form a strong political party, to send the older politicians into oblivion’, was his message. Today, he has woken up, to suddenly discover how to forgive Atiku, his one-time Vice President, a man he had publicly denounced and called many unprintable words. He had even devoted pages in his books, to paint this same Atiku, black – the written records are there, for posterity to see, and judge. OBJ cannot mock God whom he had used to curse himself if he ever support Atiku.

By the way, was OBJ such a good President? Again, NO. Remember, he once tried to hoodwink, and bribe Nigerians into giving him a third term. He failed woefully, thanks to those resolute Nigerians, who battled him to comatose, and eventual defeat.
The shame of it, was that he never was man enough to apologise to Nigerians for his costly misadventure. Rather, like a shameless man, he even tried to deny ever wanting a third term!

Do not also forget how OBJ schemed, and succeeded in installing his puppets as Presidents; to be able to indirectly succeed himself: Like a puppet master, pulling the strings that controlled Yar’Adua and later, GEJ. Unfortunately for him, they refused to be pupets and though Yar’Ardua was saved by death, OBJ fell out with Jonathan and eventually left the PDP.
When the hands writing was on the wall, that PMB might defeat GEJ, he adopted PMB. He tried and failed to turn PMB into another puppet on a string: he failed woefully, and that was the crux of his antagonism to PMB seeking re-election. OBJ thereafter, turned to letter writing; imagine telling (or is it ordering, directing) a sitting President ‘not to seek re-election’: who is OBJ? God? NO.

Now, OBJ has turned to teaming up with some Generals, who had pillaged and looted Nigeria to paralysis – during the sad years of the Locust: Now the Locust are swarming and coming for a return with Atiku as their frontman. When you see OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalam, Danjuma, Mark, Gusau, Oyinlola, et al together, know that it has become a cause for concern, to the populace.

To make things worse, the gathering of locusts, the evil alliance, was completed with some so-called religious leaders, from both sides of the divide, not to mention the array of discredited politicians, who have been criss-crossing the political carpets, like prostitutes hopping from bed to bed. Religion they say, is the opium of the people; so, the Generals have hooked on to a potent ingredient that they believe will send the people into frenzy, leading to siding with their ‘President-in-waiting’. Maybe, maybe not. If you and I succumb to these Generals, whose only foot soldiers, are those they bought or feed, we might have mortgaged the future of our youths, as well as those not yet born. Fear them not: they are carpetbaggers without base, without significant followership.

They are bound to fail, unless you and I succumb to their blackmail and/or hoodwink us to support them and their candidates. Rest assured, these evil men are not interested in the welfare of the people but in their pockets and their nests. They are not looking out for the downtrodden, but for themselves. Selfish and egoistical, they are already condemned to hell fire but looking for those to accompany them into the abyss.

How did we get to this point, if not for the nefarious activities of IBB, OBJ/Atiku, and other villains; they never instituted or promoted any laudable program: Restructuring, independent candidacy, revenue derivation, fiscal federalism, anti-corruption, provision of utilities and infrastructures, education and healthcare delivery. Yet, they spent 16 years of the Locust, eating away our common patrimony and debasing our commonwealth.

In conclusion, please remember that these people are the ones who have made it impossible for genuine progressives to enter politics – they have turned the Nigerian political scene to one for billionaires only. They have pauperised us all enough. Say NO to them. Stand outside their Amalgamation of Evil. The locusts must be battled to extinction. Your PVC is your insecticide, to be utilised to exterminate them. The time is now, my brethren!

Aluta continua.

Olatunde O. A. MAKANJU.