I have observed with rapt attention and watched with keen interest, the ongoing intrigues and horse-trading entangling the race to the PDP presidential ticket. As at last count, we have 13 aspirants jostling for the candidature of leading opposition party in Nigeria. In less than three weeks from now, the main challenger of President Muhammadu Buhari—who has been adopted as the APC sole candidate, will emerge from party primaries of the PDP. The ruling party is waiting in the wings with anxiety and palpable fear to know the candidate of the leading opposition party—the PDP.

Unfortunately, what is happening in the party now is personality clash and unnecessary ego trip. Individualism is beginning to shade into egotism. Some aspirants are in the race, not because they want to win, but to block their perceived rivals from emerging. Some are also using the contest for cheap publicity stunt. As a party that styles itself.



Chidiebere Nwobodo