Undiscovered Reasons For National Existence… And The Possibility Of Divine Creation..



Yesterday was a very explosive night in our commission, Dunamis. Pastor W.F Kumuyi spent the night together with Mama Kumuyi and about 20 senior Deeper Life Pastors with us. It was awesome experience as all manner of miracles were recorded….

Yesterday too, Bobo raised some issues on nation building and so many of us made inputs. The Chief and Kaka in particular raised very salient questions. These issues raised, I believe, needed to be clarified.

Dr. Kaka in particular suggested divine creation as a likely reason why the Southern and Northern Protectorates were amalgamated. Maybe, God is in it. Hmmm, we can’t rule out the possibility but as scientist he is, I would have been more satisfied with scientific, historical or cultural explanation.

The reason is, hiding under “divine agenda” will create more questions than answers. It is like a scenario where a 50 year old man rapes a 10 year old girl, gets her pregnant and claims divine agenda as a defender. Maybe, God is in it because all things work together for good. This is unacceptable. The man must be condemned and jailed. Error is error!

Even Divinity itself declares that “IF THE FOUNDATION BE DESTROYED, WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO”. The problem of Nigeria lies in its foundation. Let it be clearly understood that we have a foundational problem as a
nation and until that problem is well diagnosed and the right remedy applied, we may be in for a shock in the future.

We have all along been treating the symptoms of a chronic disease without tracing the root cause. We have applied all manner of policies, political, economic, structural and all that but they ended in failure and will still end in failure. Why? Because our problem is foundational.

The Northern Protectorate has a monarchical system of political formation and communist ideology. This system is entrenched in their everyday living for thousands of years. They aren’t aspirational, individualistic, democratic or capitalists in nature. This is their way of life. They have a centralized authority where the Sultan has the final say. Anyone who acts contrary to this way of life is naturally seen as an enemy. Anyone with individual opinion and aspiration is a suspect and criminal. Please, understand this fact!.

The Southern Protectorates on the other hand is made up of the Yorubas with similar native monarchical administration but with checks and balances. The Northern Protectorates can cohabit with these folks. They can be tolerated to some extent.

Then comes the other group in the South, the Igbos. These folks are naturally egalitarian, capitalists, entrepreneurs, talented, aspirational, highly opinionated, with great drive to achieve. To the Northerner, these guys are criminals. They view them from there thousand years cultural interpretation of good and bad fellows. The Igbo opens a company, works hard to succeed and he is labeled a thief because to the Northerner, that isn’t humanly possible.

Owing to these cultural extremes, the North will eternally be suspicious of any moves the Igbos make in a united entity. We have several examples.

Tafawa Belewa hated the Igbos with passion. In fact, his hatred for the Igbos can be compared to Hitler’s hatred of the Jews. What was the Igbos crime? Entrepreneurial, opinionated, aspirational, egalitarian. These are in born. The Igbos see the North as dullards and parasites. The North sees us as assertive and dangerous…..

The first coup happened and it was called “The Igbo Coup” despite the fact that most of the soldiers that actually executed the coup were from the North and South West. We had few original Igbos involved in the January 1966 coup.

Then a counter coup, the polgrom and genocide of the 30 month civil war. Then comes the Buhari coup of December 31st of 1983. The government was branded as corrupt, yet, the president was not imprisoned but his vice was! What an upside down operation you may say but the origin is in our history. These guys can’t possibly live together with the Igbos no matter how hard we try. Their orientation and culture forbids intercourse with the Igbos.

With these deep structural suspicion, how can we attain national growth and aspiration? How can we claim to be “One Nation” when one party is treated as a cancer that must be killed?

Has that perception changed? Is there any improvement in understanding our differences? Are we better integrated now than the last 58 years. Even when we have shown no interest in the Presidency, they still attack our genuine labour and enterprise.

What was INNOSON’S crime? Is he a politician? Did he embezzle any public funds? The answer is no, no,no but as long as he has entrepreneurial capability, he is a threat and a criminal. In this antagonistic environment, how can anyone reasonably contribute to national growth?

Let us leave God out of this human creation. God is interested in Foundation. Psalms 11:3, Matthew 7:24.
A house built on sand has no future!