A group in the South East,- G-23- s pro- Buhari group– says it supports Buhari for,2019 election because Buhari said he would build a second Niger and other projects in the SE and again so Igbo ppl don’t repeat the 2015 mistake of supporting Jonathan–
STORY, STORY and STORY. I wish Mr Johnbosco Onunkwo, convener of the innocuous G-23 group would take a little time and look into the activities and mindset of Buhari in history. The lies of Liar Mohammed and his co- travellers has achieved their aim in Mr Onunkwo and others like him who are apparently uninformed, afraid or looking for something. Fear should be out of it because ” he that is already on the ground needs fear no fall”, The Igbo is on the ground, trashed and emasculated as far as Buhari and his group are concerned so it really will not matter what else they do to/ with the Igbos .The lie of 69 projects in the SE is another deceit. Jonathan did it and till date the Igbos are wondering what happened. The repetition of many of the Mohammedan projects in the SE is a regret by people who know the truth as there’s no way to inform/ convince people like Onunkwo that those are lies. The Igbo man doesn’t need Buhari’s projects, he needs RESTRUCTURING of the geographical space called Nigeria so that each area will take care of themselves. But who really is afraid of Restructuring and why????