The Lagos state civil servants are celebrating the exit of Gov Ambode discreetly in their various offices. I gathered authoritatively that due to the autocratic way of running the govt, about 4,233 civil servants had applied for voluntary study leave between May 29th 2015 to date. Whereas just 2,414 civil servants applied for study leave between the regime of Brigadier Mobolaji Johnson to Gov. Babatunde Fashola. The reasons being that the governor has made things difficult for them. Sacking, suspension and queries are the order of the day.

Ambode’s commissioners cannot look at him on the face to address him talkless of permanent secretaries.

When the other APC’s faction in Lagos state conducted a parallel congress at the Airport hotel Ikeja, the civil servants in Alausa were jubilating on the premise that one Governorship aspirant will definitely come out from the other faction to rock the boat with Ambode.

Civil servants have witnessed more deaths of their members in Ambode’s regime than any govt. You find obituary posters in almost all the ministries.

Already they know that Ambode is very much aware that they don’t like him. His return is going to spell a doom for them. He the governor will become hardened in his dealings with them. Most of them are looking for an avenue to meet Tinubu and express their views on the return of the warlord, Ambode.

My take is if politicians and civil servants don’t like Ambode, is it Lagosians who are currently not happy with the conditions of the state that would vote for Ambode?

However, I am still watching…

by Gbenga Abioye